Inspired from nature, archaic forms and spirit

Gold earrings

Lotus leaves

These stud earrings, are made of 22 Kt gold and 18 Kt gold for the structural parts. I hammered the surface to achieve a realistic effect.The pendants are faceted drops of green amethyst.The length is 3,8 cm
In Buddhist iconography, the lotus leaf represent purity.

Ivy leaves Garnet

I created these stud earrings in 22 kt gold ,using 18 kt gold only for the structural parts. The drops are faceted garnet embedded in 22 Kt gold; they can be removed so that only the leaves can be worn. The length is 3 cm.
The ivy leaf symbolizes 'eternal love, as it is difficult to eradicate.

White dove

These earrings in 22 Kt Gold have been realized by melting wire on sheet .I insert tiny freshwater pearls stringing them in to the tail with 18 Kt gold wire . The tail, pops out of the ear lobe. Very feminine and sweet.
The white dove, symbolize the holy spirit, purity and simplicity.

Birds coral

I created these earrings in 22 Kt gold and carved coral representing small birds in flight. The diameter is 1.2 cm.

Birds symbolize freedom of the soul.

Lotus leaves hooks

Lotus leaves are the Buddhist symbol of purity.
These earrings are made of 22 Kt gold and 18 Kt gold wire for the hooks. The leaves present a textured effect to obtain a realistic look. The drops are removable allowing to wear them without pendants. The pearls version measure 3 cm.With the aquamarine the total length is 3,8 cm.

Apatite Drops

These beautiful facetted apatite drops are set in 22 Kt gold and hang from oval 18 Kt gold hooks embellished with small balls.
The total length is 3 cm.

Chalcedony fruits

I realized this earrings combining the carved chalcedony drops together with 18 kt gold hooks . The drops are removable.
The length is 3 cm.

Rodocrosite & Tulip

This earrings are a combination of tiny 18 Kt gold hooks ending with a coral tulip and removable doublet drops in rodocrosite and rock crystal.Once removed the drops the tiny coral tulip can be wore alone.

Edison pearls & turmaline

This beautiful rainbows Edison pearls dangle on hooks made of 18 Kt gold wire, together with wrapped in gold faceted tourmaline drops.The surface of the metal present wanted hammer stroke to achieve an archaic look.

Dangling Amphorae

This nicely carved pink coral amphorae, dangle on 18 Kt gold small hooks.It reminds of the ancient amphora from Greece.

This is an archaic Symbol of purity and prosperity.

Pink coral fishes

This small detailed pink coral fishes hang on 18 Kt gold hooks and are eventually removable.


This cabochon drops doublet ,made of Crysocolla and rock crystal are hanging from 18 Kr gold hooks ending with a tiny Amazonite bead .

Small red coral fishes

This small de red coral fishes dangle from a little closable hooks made of 18 Kt gold.

Tahiti pearls

This small Tahiti pearls are hanging from 18 kt gold hooks.

Silver gilded earrings

Peacock and Keshi pearls

This ears studs , are a unique piece. Made of sterling silver gilded in 24 kt Gold. Their tail is moving and has behind a removable keshi pearl.


This earrings,realized in sterling silver gilded in 18 kt Gold represent the purity of water. At the bottom dangle drops of faceted sea blue chalcedony wrapped in 18 Kt gold wire.


This ear studs, in Sterling silver 925 are gilded with 18 Kt gold. At the bottom, removable cat eye drops.The hummingbird' size is 2,2 cm x 2,2.The drops are 2,3 cm high.


This ear studs in Sterling Silver 925, are gilded with 18 kt gold.The drawing of this little men was found in Indian caves. I like to think are little beings who came from out of space to help human kind.

Silver earrings

Folding fan

With an Asiatic spirit, this sterling silver ear studs in folding fans form present green chrysoprase cabochon drops which have the possibility of been removed. The fan size is 3 x2,3cm. Together with the drops their high is 4,3 cm.

Ivy leaves

I realized this earrings in Sterling silver 925 and pink sweet water pearls. .The wire is hammered to achieve archaic look and gain stability.The length is 5,5cm.

The ivy leaves are symbol of eternal love,because Ivy is a plant very difficult to eradicate.


This earrings are made of Sterling silver 925 with hammered tentacles and round hooks. At the bottom swing a white sweet water pearls. The length is 7,5 cm.

Hanging sparrows

This sterling silver sparrows are hanging from closable hooks.At the bottom dangle pink sweet water pearls, removable.

Paisley & Aquamarine

This paisley earrings ,made of sterling silver, dangle on small closable hooks and have faceted blue aquamarine in the middle.
The total high is 3,7 cm.

Big birds Labradorite

This ear studs, realized in sterling silver 925 present a removable labradorite tail. The bird high is 2,2 cm.With this drops the total length is 5,4 cm.

All of Simona’s jewels are unique pieces, for use of various metal and type of stones.

You are free to ask for price, accordingly to the design shown in these pictures.

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