Sea Soul


Sometimes we realize what we are, only by wearing what we need


Sea Soul

Tree of life

The tree of life, in the Bible, is the symbol of the knowledge of good and evil and announces the salvation of the soul. This sculpted and solid sterling silver pendant features 12 multi-coloured faceted tourmalines representing the fruits of heaven. Each of them is the bearer of a virtue of the soul. The necklace of grey-green sapphires is adorned with 4 drops of multi-colored tourmaline.

Tiny Butterfly

This small butterfly is made of 22 carat gold with a brown star sapphire set in the middle. The brown agate necklace is open at the front. The pendant is 1.8 cm high. Total length 41 cm.

Sea soul

To make this unique piece, I used 22-18 kt gold, opercuum, shells and precious and semi-precious stones. On the necklace, in addition to the shells, I set an opal, a labradorite and a sun stone. The central piece is a rare orange spessartine garnet, an aquamarine pearl and a shell made of 22 kt gold. The total length is 51 cm.


This necklace was inspired by movement. Is realized in 22 Kt gold, imperial topaz and 18 Kt gold for the structural parts.
The imperial topaz faceted necklace
( 134 ct) is detachable from the pendant .The total weight of the necklace is 43,64 gr.

Mini Ivy

The ivy leaves are symbol of eternal love,because Ivy is a plant very difficult to eradicate.
This pendant is realized in 22 Kt gold and has a sweet water pearl which can be removed. The necklace has tiny pink sweet water pearls and a clasp in 18 Kt gold. The length is 43 cm.

Coral tulip gold

This nice coral necklace is made of little tulip and a 22-18Kt gold clasp.Total length 48 cm.

Ivy & sapphire

This pendant in Ivy form is realized with 18 Kt gold and sweet water pink pearl. The necklace (that can be purchased separately) is made of multicolored faceted sapphire with 22/18 Kt gold clasp.The total length is 45 cm.The Ivy leaf is 1,8 x 3cm.

Fish pearl necklace

I was inspired from this fantasy form pearl necklace strand to create a fish silver clasp which can be worn in the front of the neck.The total length is 46 cm.

Acorn & aquamarine

This aquamarine crystal is held by a sterling silver acorn . The length is 4,5 cm.

Tourmaline slices necklace

This beautiful tourmaline slice necklace in natural polished shape, inspired me a clasp in gold 22/18 kt with a fantasy shape pink tourmaline set in 22 Kt gold. The total length is 46 cm.

Sea shell

This necklace is made of 925 oxidized sterling silver with Howlite and labradorite beads.

All of Simona’s jewels are unique pieces, for use of various metal and type of stones.

You are free to ask for price, accordingly to the design shown in these pictures.

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