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Sometimes we realize what we are, only by wearing what we need


Gold necklaces


This jewel represent the goddess of fertility, the feminine attribute of a woman , the strength of giving birth and taking care of others.
The little pendant has been realized with gold 22 Kt and present a faceted fire opal. The necklace with a 18 /22 Kt gold clasp is made of tiny Namibian Opal beads.

Sea soul

To make this unique piece, I carefully selected shells which could be set in Gold and i combined them with precious and semi-precious stones. The whole creation is realized with 22 Kt Gold; It shows a little opal , labradorite and a sun stone. The central piece hold a rare orange spessartine garnet, aquamarine bead and a little gold venus shell. The chain is 18 Kt gold. The total length is 51 cm.


This pendant represent a woman with fluent hair. She want to be embraced and respected, she love and hug.
Realized in 18 Kt / 22 Kt gold with a faceted white zircon. The necklace is neon blue apatite with a gold clasp.

Posidonia & red coral

"Posidonia oceanica" has an enormous importance for our planet.This plant forms huge underwater meadows and is a good bio-indicator of coastal water quality ; grows only in clean waters.
I wrapped the red coral twig with 18 Kt gold depicting the Posidonia plant ; necklace and the twig are Mediterranean sea red coral with some touch of freshwater pearls.


This necklace has the meaning of movement. Realized in 22 Kt gold ( 18 Kt only for the structural parts) with Imperial topaz dangling drop and necklace.
The necklace is made of faceted imperial topaz( 134 ct) : is detachable from the pendant and can be used as a collier .

Tiny Butterfly

This small butterfly is made of 22 Kt gold with a brown star sapphire set in the middle. The brown agate necklace has tiny gold clasps and open at the front. Pendant dimension : H 1.8 cm. Total length 41 cm.

Coral tulip gold

This refined pink coral necklace is made of little tulip beads gradient in dimension. The clasp is realized with 22/18 Kt gold. Total length 48 cm.


This pendant in Ivy form is realized with 18 Kt gold and tiny sweet water pink pearls. The Ivy leaf is 1,8 x 3cm.

Tourmaline slices necklace

This watermelon tourmaline necklace, close with a clasp of 22 Kt gold. The total length is 46 cm.


I choose this pyrite to make a powerful natural piece.The clasp in 18 Kt gold wire represent the little men which is believe come from out of space. The pictogram has being found in Indian caves.


Fish pearl necklace

I was inspired from this fantasy form fish pearl necklace strand, to create a silver clasp with two fishes connecting them with a little weave.The total length is 46 cm.

Labradorite Ivy necklace

I realized this necklace in sterling silver and sweet water black pearls.The leaves have little rivet which consent the movement.The part in contact with the body is made of Labradorite tiny beads.
Total length 59 cm.


This necklace is made of 925 sterling silver with faceted moonstone drop necklace and silver clasp. The jellyfish tentacles have been hammered to achieve strength and are connected by tiny ball rivets.
Total length 48 cm.

Little rose for you

This necklace was an homage to the pink roses. The pink quartz necklace present a silver clasp that open in the front; is 51 cm long. The size of the sterling silver pendant is 2 cm x 1,7cm.

Aphophillite with love

For the Chrystal lovers.
I set this unusual crystal with sterling silver and i choose a neon apatite necklace ending with a silver heart clasp to embellish it.
Length total 53,5 cm.

Sea Urchin

This keshi little pearls necklace held a tiny sea urchin pendant , realized in sterling silver gilded in 18 kt gold.At the bottom hangs a doublet drop of mother pearl and rock Cristal.

All of Simona’s jewels are unique pieces, for use of various metal and type of stones.

You are free to ask for price, accordingly to the design shown in these pictures.

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