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Rings & Bracelets

Each ring we wear express our personality, no matter on witch finger we are wearing it.

Sud sea

In this ring the sea urchin has been cast in Sterling silver, in order to preserve its tiny perfection.The top of the urchin present a 22 Kt gold ball. The 22 Kt gold ring is hammered and a gold cup held a white south sea pearl.

Ematoid quartz

I chose this quartz for its variety of inclusions (pyrite, gold and silver) and its uniqueness. I decided to play on transparencies by combining 2 metals : 22 Kt gold (900) and sterling silver (925).

Mokume Gane ring

Mokume Gane is an antique Japanese metalworking technique. In this ring silver is combined with copper and is hammered to achieve the wood grain look.The stone is a Mexican fire opal in matrix. Size 61.

Ring Earth

This stone, a calcopyrite,has being sculpted by hand.I have hammered inside, an other ring in 24 Kt pure gold on which i engraved the word earth in several language.

Aquarium quartz

The Lepidolite quartz reminds of the inside of an aquarium. This stone is in fact commonly called aquarium quartz. The ring, is realized in Sterling silver with an intricate prong-cage setting slightly hammered.It is open at the bottom so that can be enlarged.The actual size is 54,5.
The price is 480 euro.


When I found this stone, I immediately thought of a little iceberg to wear.This ring is made of Sterling silver, set with a doublet (double stone), in Apatite and Rock Crystal.The size is 56,5.
The price is 440 euro.


Wedding band. The ring has been made as a small sculpture and represents two hands joining two souls. Currently available in gold 18 Kt (750).

Paisley green tourmaline

Paisley is one of the archaic shapes I love the most. I was inspired by some Indian antic designs; in this culture Paisley it is a symbol of abundance. This green tourmaline ring is entirely made in 22 Kt gold and present hammer strokes. The ring with pink tourmaline is not available.

Koi carp

When I chose this stone, a doublet made of Mount K2 stone and rock crystal, I immediately thought of a Japanese pond full of swimming Koi carps. The ring is made of 925 sterling silver with a small 22 kt gold fish swimming on the surface.The size is 57.

Utu Shamash

Utu or Shamash, is an ancient symbol of Mesopotamia : sun god, god of justice, morality, and truth. Represent the sun, the life force itself.
I made this ring in 925 sterling silver and 22 Kt gold. The opal, set in 22 Kt gold, represents physical strength and optimism. All around is fused a gold 18 kt wire.


I realized this ring entirely  in Sterling Silver 925.The stone is a doublet of apatite and rock crystal embedded in a philodendron leaf . The ring is open at the bottom for better fit. The size is 56.

Saint Jacobs shell

I chose to replicate the St Jacobs shell in pure silver, to preserve its natural perfection. The shell has been combined with a trilliant cut tourmaline in a particular shade of pink. Small 22 kt gold beads separate the stone setting from the shell. The size is 54.5.


I made this ring by duplicating the small coral formation in pure silver. Next to it is a faceted labradorite. The rest of the ring is in Sterling silver and it is open at the bottom for better fit. Size 55,5.


I made this ring by replicating an acorn and inserting a pink freshwater pearl inside. It is made of 925 sterling silver and has small hammer strokes on the edge.


bracelet with fire Opal

This bracelet is realized in 18 Kt yellow gold and faceted fire opal embedded in 22 Kt gold.The wire has been hammered to obtain further stability and a more archaic look.

Ivy, is an evergreen plant. In symbolism represents eternity, fidelity, and strong affectionate attachment, such as wedded love and friendship.

Sea Urchin bracelet

This bracelet, made of 925 sterling silver, can be made with 24 carat gold gilding. The sea urchin has a diameter of 1 cm; the wire is hammered to ensure hard ness and stability.

All of Simona’s jewels are unique pieces, for use of various metal and type of stones.

You are free to ask for price, accordingly to the design shown in these pictures.

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