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Inspired from  archaic forms, spirit and nature

For my jewels i draw inspiration from archaic forms, divine and sacred symbols , universal elements like sun, water,
clouds,shells,animals,leaves. My intent is to bring the
wearer closer to nature and its sacredness, to spirituality.
Precious and colorful stones are embellishing every jewel.


The materials  i choose for my jewels  are Yellow Gold 22 and 18 Kt,
Sterling Silver and Silver gilded in 24 Kt Gold. The metal surface has a mat finish, which gives the jewel a unique sense of time and age.

Jewels from my archives



“Transformation is the act of creation”

When i purchase a stone, i can see the  beauty within.
I like to transform it in to a unique form, like this fish from my Archive.

Custom orders and individual design

"Please feel free to contact me for custom design and any price request."
Custom order: multi stone bracelet

Kleinunternhemer Gemäß 19 USTG